All Creatures of our God and King

Dear Friends,
We hope you are keeping cool, calm and “RE-collected” this summer in the heat and humidity, although we can happily say this summer’s heat has been mild compared to past years in Arkansas.  Here are a few shots of our smallest of friends around the monastery. We hope you enjoy them like we do.

These little guys are in our ponds on the grounds of our monastery. Makes for interesting sounds during the silence of prayer time! Wait till the end to hear his voice …

This is what I wait for all year long … the joy of colorful cosmos and zinnias and BUTTERFLIES! A favorite place to enjoy God’s Presence, my little flower garden.

If you have two minutes and 38 seconds to spare, this is cute.

It is obvious by now that our sisters like animals. Well, so does Fr. Steven Gadberry!

Newly ordained Fr. Steven Gadberry celebrated one of our novena masses for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and afterwards shared his harmonica and his dog with us at the nuns’ mass choir grate. We are “GRATE”- ful!

“One of these is not like the other” and is a homemade piñata Sr. Lucia made for our prioress Sr. Maria Cruz’s feastday back in June. Dori the fish with “short term memory loss” problems! And on her right is a turtle swimming in the pond.

Many prayers to all of you from your devoted Carmelite Nuns in Little Rock!